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What is a prenupt?

According to the Finnish law, spouses have marital rights to each other’s property. This means that when the marriage ends (either by divorce or by the death of one of the spouses), the assets of the spouses are divided in a way, that afterwards both parties have the same amount of wealth . This can be agreed differently with an agreement between the spouses = with a Finnish prenupt / marriage settlement.

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Finnish prenupts

A simple prenuptial agreement and the most common prenuptial agreement is a fully exclusive prenuptial agreement. It stipulates that neither spouse has a right to the other’s property under any circumstances. In other words, both always keep their own property.

The prenuptial agreement can also be drawn up in a form where there is no marital right to other people’s property if the marriage ends in divorce, but there is marital right if the marriage ends with the death of the other party.

A prenuptial agreement can also be drawn up, for example, in such a way that other party has marital rights to the other’s property and the other does not.

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